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An antique collection.


Inflame her to venery with wanton kisses: the joy of sex, 1684-style

A first edition of an early English sex manual, a 17th-century work that discourses on everything from “the use and actions of the genitals” to “monstrous births, and the reasons thereof”, is going on sale this weekend. Titled Aristoteles Master-Piece &nd …


Some Tips About Investing Soundly and Why!

  So, why read this? I am limiting the information to three topics with a summary of what has recently occured in the marketplace. What you think you should do about it is your choice.


To Thrift or not to Thrift??....that is the question.

I am a huge thrifter.


When Miniature Means Monumental - At Edward Merrin's Exhibit

"Miniatures with monumental presence are what Edward Merrin pursued for an exhibition and sale of mostly ancient amulets, votive figures, tomb objects, vessel decorations, tool handles, weights and a comb."


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