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Tips for Buying Antique Vintage Jewelry

Antique vintage jewelry is beautiful and it brings the past back into the present. Collecting this type of jewelry can be very enjoyable and exciting. It can be tough to do without the right knowledge of how to find the right vintage jewelry. The jewelry condition is something that is especially important to consider. The stone quality of the jewelry is important, and the design of the jewelry can make a difference as well.


The jewelry condition is one of the main things that go into the purchase of antique vintage jewelry. Just because a piece of jewelry still shines and sparkles like it did when it was first made does not mean that the jewelry will still be of the best condition. Stone quality is important to use for determining the quality of the jewelry.

The jewelry should be complete in its design. This means that no parts of the jewelry that it originally came with should be missing. The hues of the stones make for an important factor in the jewelry condition too. The stones should all be of the same hue or color that they were when the piece of jewelry was new.

Some antique jewelry items may be “prong setted.” This is where no glue is used for setting the stones in the jewelry. Some collectors will only take in or sell items of this type. Others will just take any type of jewelry.

The stone quality is another factor in the jewelry condition. Different stones will work for different items. The stones will also be of different values. Faceted chatons should be checked on the stones too. When these are used with more creative leverage the jewelry will be of better quality. These chatons are rhinestones that are commonly found in jewelry. A foil backing is used for these stones on most cases to help with securing the stones.

The overall design is important to consider too. Some jewelry manufacturers may have only made a certain number of pieces with a specific design, thus making it certain pieces rare collectibles. This should be considered when looking into antiques for sale. Also, some more complex designs may be worth more money. Of course, the value of the jewelry will be heavily related to the quality of the designs and whether or not the design has been well kept up over time.

The type of metal used in the jewelry is also important. However, it should be noted that while gold is more valuable than silver and other metals the value of the metal can decline if the metal is not kept up well enough.

By following these tips for buying antique vintage jewelry it will be easier to find something that is not only collectible but also a great investment. Some antiques will have different jewelry condition levels, and the stone quality should be factored into the items. Don't forget the design of the jewelry as a whole too.

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