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Methods to Use for Antique Furniture Restoration

Furniture can easily age over time. However, antique furniture restoration can be used to help make the upkeep of the furniture better. It also helps to restore the shine of the furniture and to make the furniture look vibrant again.


Antique furniture restoration is generally needed after a metal piece of the furniture has been damaged and some parts of the furniture are missing. Corrosion from rust will be a major sign of a need for restoration in metal furniture and other pieces that may have metal parts.

The color of the furniture is something that should be taken into consideration during the restoration process. Some color enhancements may be needed. Staining the furniture can be used so that the colors in the furniture will stay at their best and will have a better shine to them.

Removing rust is another of the things to do. One of the furniture restoration tips to follow for this is to watch for the bronze or brass works in the furniture. Tools used for removing rust should not come into contact with bronze or brass. Oxide should only be removed from parts of the furniture that have rust on them and should not come into contact with any other part of the antique furniture.

Another of the furniture restoration tips to use is to consider the three categories in which furniture parts for restoration fall into. The first part is that of handles, knobs, hinges and facings. Bronze and brass are commonly featured in these parts. Sometimes these parts will be engraved or etched.

The next of the categories for antique furniture restoration is inlaid plates and mechanisms in the furniture. This includes mechanisms that have been escalated on antique guns.

The third of the categories relates to antique clock parts. These should be well handled so that the antique clock mechanisms will not be disrupted.

One of the furniture restoration tips that can be helpful is that of using a derusting fluid. A fluid like this will contain hydrochloric acid and dilute phosphoric. These items will dissolve oxide that has rusted and will leave a slight grey finish on the item the fluid comes in contact with. These are commonly used for car parts and hardware but they can be used on furniture too. Antique pieces will need something else.

Using paraffin oils will also help. Light oxidation will also work in some cases. It is best to talk with an expert on restoration to see if these products are right for the individual piece of antique furniture that is going to be restored.

Antique furniture restoration can be used to make furniture look like new again. By using these furniture restoration tips it will be easier to get furniture to look its best without damaging the furniture. It's an important part of the home so it should be treated with special care.

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