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Antiques Roadshow – The Country's Favorite Antique Appraisal Program

Antiquing as been a hobby of many people over the years. Antique appraisals are common around the country in that many will bring out their antiques to get an idea of how much they are worth. This includes possibly finding if the antique is valuable or if it is just a trinket of little value. One of the top television programs that features antiques and appraisals is the PBS series Antiques Roadshow.


Over the years Antiques Roadshow, which is based out of Boston, has traveled more than five thousand miles across the country from Maine to Hawaii. The program is hosted by antiques expert Mark L. Walberg and has recently started its eleventh season.

Because antiquing has been around for as long as society has been around it is no surprise that Antiques Roadshow has been around for as long as it has been. It also adds to the great level of interest that people have for antiquing because of the great number of places that the program has gone to.

The main idea that Walberg and all of the others on the program has is that “all our possessions have feet.” This refers to how no matter where a person goes around the country there will always be great antiques to find. This includes how antiques can go from one part of the world to another. For instance, an eighteenth century clock from France could be found in the living room of someone's home in Sacramento.

One of the best things that is common in this show for antique appraisals is that information on what antiques are fake and what are real can be found. One program, for example, found fake Marilyn Monroe memorabilia items. Reasons for why these products were fakes and how to find an actual piece of memorabilia that is legitimate was also featured.

The program has evolved to where it includes great audience participation. The House Calls sweepstakes that the program held in January 2007 featured people entering into the contest to see who will get a house visit from the program's experts. This includes investigating items and having a camera crew to follow the appraisers along. Winners of this contest ranged from large places like Long Island, New York, to other smaller towns in Wisconsin, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas and California.

Overall, it can be seen that Antiques Roadshow is a great program to watch on television. Not only does it showcase some of the many antiques out there and how much these products are worth but it also features information on how to tell what is a legitimate antique and what is not. It makes for a great program for anyone who is interested in antiques or is looking to have something to bring to any of the antique appraisals in the country.

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